The groundwork for a consistently high castings quality is done in the meltshop. The demanding requirements made on our pig iron and iron scrap feedstock are proven by our incoming materials checks. In connection with our highly modern medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces equipped with automatic melting processors, we fulfil our factory requirements for top casting results. The meltshop is equipped with two medium-frequency coreless induction furnaces ABP 3.5 t / 2,300 kW and 2.0 t / 1,250 kW.

Inductive melting operation

  • Electric melting operation with automatic melt processor
  • Mid-frequency induction furnace 
    ABP 3,5 t / 2.300 kW
  • Mid-frequency induction furnace 
    ABP 2,0 t / 1.250 kW