Laboratory / Documentation

We document the entire production process of our high-quality products. We use both non-destructive and destructive test methods for optical quality checks. The tests start with the primary material and include sand quality, quality of the cast components through to the finished product. Our excellently equipped laboratory is manned exclusively by trained specialists who operate the sensitive devices. Depending on the requirement, we can issue factory certificates in compliance with EN 10204, measurement reports and special test certificates according to customer requirements.


  • Quasar 200 Galdabini: tensile strength tests according to DIN EN 6892.
  • ZHU Zwick: Universal hardness measurement equipment for Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell.
  • Emcotest Wolpert: hardness measurement.
  • Leica microscope ILM: optical and metallographic analyses.
  • Spectromaxx Spektrometer: spectral analyses.
  • TEC Typ Sidermes: thermal analyses.
  • Georg Fischer sand laboratory: complete sand analyses.
  • Georg Fischer digital sand laboratory: mechanical sand analyses.

Quality documents

  • Inspection certificates according to EN 10204
  • Measurement reports
  • Test certificates according to customer

Final inspection

  • Visual inspection
  • 3-D tests