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We manufacture top-quality grey cast iron and ductile cast iron in different alloys. Wear-resistant and heat-resistant materials as well, depending on requirements.

Livarna Gorica


In grey cast iron, the graphite is in the form of thin, irregularly shaped lamellae. The material has a medium tensile strength but its compressive strength during the transfer of compressive stress is much better. The structure gives cast iron with lamellar graphite very good gliding properties thanks to the high resistance against fretting. In addition, grey cast iron is easy to process and cushions mechanical vibrations. The positive properties result from the three-dimensional branching of the lamellae. In addition, this graphite form has a high thermal conductivity. In conjunction with the self-lubricating effect of the graphite, the material has good emergency running properties, making it very suitable for engine components. The good pouring capacity makes grey cast iron ideal for complex cast iron parts. We make cast components from cast iron with lamellar graphite in accordance with DIN EN 1561 in the alloys EN-GJL 150 to 300 to match the specific application.

Nodular graphite casting (ductile cast iron) is extremely malleable since the spherical shape of the graphite reduces the notching effect to a minimum. In addition, cast iron with nodular graphite has a very high material strength, which leads to high tensile strength at good elongation at break. These values are usually higher for nodular graphite casting than for steel casting. Another positive factor is its good machinability for optimum mechanical processing. This is achieved by desulphurising the melts. Resistance to wear, temperatures and corrosion can be increased even further by alloying the material. We examine the specific demands made on the final product in order to select the right alloy for optimum application. We product cast iron with nodular graphite in the alloys EN-GJS 400-18 to 600-3 for this purpose.


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