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Painting / Coating

We coat castings according to your wishes. Whether additional surface protection or visual enhancement: we offer the optimal coating system in each case. Environmentally friendly water-based processes and modern extraction systems are a standard feature for us.

Livarna Gorica


For wet spray painting, we use water-based paints, each of which is matched to the product. This method allows you to selectively apply paint to individual areas of a painted product. We distinguish between the requirements placed on the coating: e.g. simple primers, heat-resistant lacquers, impact-resistant lacquers, etc.

In the dipping process, the material to be painted is dipped into an electrically conductive, water-based dipping lacquer. A direct voltage field is generated between the material to be painted and a counter-electrode, which ensures uniform paint adhesion. The process is well suited for complex components, as the lacquer also fills narrow gaps and spreads evenly.

Similar to dip coating, powder coating is mainly used to coat electrically conductive materials. Although a powder coating is applied with a gun, it adheres due to the static charge. In the baking oven, the powder is melted and bonds with the surface of the component. We offer powder coating both electrostatically and in the vortex sintering process.

During enamelling we apply a glass-like coating to the cast component. The enamel is burned in special stoves and a heat-resistant and very durable surface is created.


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