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Casting treatment

With our philosophy of “everything from a single source”, we offer you from our portfolio, among other things, the mechanical processing and thermal post-treatment of castings. Whether milling, drilling or hardening, one contact partner for the complete range of services gives you planning security in terms of quality, quantity and logistics.

Livarna Gorica


The castings are demoulded on our 14-metre-long shake-out grate with vibrating belt conveyor. Already during pre-sorting, the castings are freed from gating, feeder and sprue systems. 100 % of the casting residues are returned to the melting cycle so that no material is lost. In our blasting room we have various blasting cabins with overhead conveyors and drum blasting machines for removing sand residues and light burrs. The mechanical processing of the castings takes place in our grinding shop with 3 automatic grinding robots and at a further 10 grinding stations. The castings are then handed over for an initial visual inspection before being picked for dispatch or further processing.

During heat treatment, the structure of the raw casting is changed. The most common and also most frequently applied treatments are stress relief annealing, ferritisation annealing and hardening. With the various heat treatments, the service properties such as strength, toughness and wear resistance are significantly improved by the correct heat treatment.

For the delivery of ready-to-install products, we also machine castings according to customer requirements. Simple mechanical processing such as turning, milling, countersinking, thread cutting are just as much a part of our range of services as the complex surface processing of castings. With the help of CNC machining centres, our specialists produce workpieces with precise dimensions and shapes according to individual requirements. With manually controlled equipment, we also have the possibility to process smaller series.


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